A Kiss Remembered - Sandra Brown

A Kiss Remembered

By Sandra Brown

  • Release Date: 2008-11-16
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 3.5
From 151 Ratings


After leaving her disatrous marriage behind, Shelley Browning goes back to college to get her degree and comes face-to-face with an unforgettable man from her past. Grant Chapman had briefly taught her in high school ten years earlier. There teacher and student had shared a single, scorching, unplanned kiss that still haunts Shelley's dreams. Now, as irresistable as ever, Grant has just returned to teaching after a stint as a congressional aide in Washington...and sees no imporopriety in asking Shelley out. Isn't this what she secretly longs for? Never has Shelley felt more confused about what she really wants or what is best for them both. But a stunning accusation is about to change all that and force Shelley Browning to either take some dangerous risks -- or spend the rest of her life regretting what could have been.


  • A Kiss Remembered

    By Wbpinto
    I live most Sandra Brown books, but this one was terrible. No real plot. Just a whiny, weak heroine. The hero is OK but there is not a single reason why he would love or want this woman. Don't waste your money.
  • A kiss remembered

    By MadDogMarilyn
    I have never been more disappointed. I have been a fan of Sandra browns books for years . This book is a big nothing.
  • For the romantic soul

    By CriminallyAcclaimed
    I'll be blunt and to the point with my first statement: Unless you like student/teacher stories and are a sap for a happy ending you should walk away. That being said if you have a crush on a teacher (or a crush on a student! Who am I to judge?) then this is the book for you! It's hard to find a good student/teacher romance out there and even harder to find one that focuses completely on the relationship of the characters instead of filling page after page with pointless (and rather uninteresting) side story. This is a romance, you have to expect cliches. This book is full of them. But ya know what? It works. If you want originality in a story then go check out the sci-fi section, a romance can only be so original AND believable at the same time. I'm probably biased though, I've been hoping to find a CLICHE, SAPPY, STUDENT/TEACHER ROMANCE for the longest time. And now I've found the perfect one because I'm a bit of a romantic and this story plays all the right cords for me. In conclusion: Cliche, yes. But not in a bad way.
  • SLP

    By JenCG19a3
    Terrible. I've read Sandra Brown books before, and I've enjoyed them, but this one was a waste of money. The story was not developed. The characters were not likable and did not have chemistry. Too much sex and not enough story to support the romance. Seemed like a throw-together story. Please don't waste your money on this one!
  • Awful

    By Psm002
    Don't bother reading this book. It's horrible! Only 100 pages and complete crap. Cliche story line and descriptions! Written 20 years ago and you can tell.
  • A Kiss Remembered

    By Anishka-Jarae
    Keeps you waiting in the beginning I liked it a lot .
  • A must read

    By Khalysee
    Shelly, a high school student has heard all the commotion about a hot new government teacher Grant Chapman. Grant commits the mistake of kissing Shelly so he decides to move away. Shelly a grown young woman returns to college after a failed marriage. To her surprise Grant is a teacher at the college. They reunite and relive that kiss always remembered. The book was great and I couldnt put it down but the romance is a little cliche let me warn, and the sex scenes very graphic. But it kept me very entertained and I didn't want it to end.